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  • Introduction

    AVIAGE SYSTEMS provides an high-throughput Ku satellite based in-flight connectivity solution. Our advantage of localization, high performance and customizability will bring you a more affordable and effective in-flight connectivity solution, and we are dedicating to serving airlines of all sizes in all countries and regions.

    Value to Airlines

    • Localized solutions for maximum cost effectiveness
    • HTS Ku satellite based solution brings a faster connection experience
    • Create new revenues and improve passenger satisfaction by hosting 3rd party applications
    • Improve operational efficiency by real time flight data analysis and transmission
    • Local data storage service to ensure data security
    • Efficient customer service to reduce maintenance costs
    Mature & Reliable Technology
    FAA/CAAC STC Ownership
    High Gain & Low Profile Antenna
    Superior Satellite
    Tracking Accuracy
    Light Weight
    Open to
    Different Service Providers
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    About Us

    AVIAGE SYSTEMS is a 50/50 joint venture between General Electric Company (GE) and Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) .

    Building on a historic partnership between two world-leading aerospace companies, AVIAGE SYSTEMS aims to elevate the future of flight by unleashing our world-class talent, cutting-edge innovation and powerful partnerships.